Our Process for custom Maintenance Platform Design and Engineering

engineering concept: Phase 1

Custom Maintenance Platform design starts with the customer. At FlexDecks, we never assume we know what is best for our customers. Evaluating the job task and asking the user and all stakeholders how they would solve the problem often reveals practical and unique solutions. As possible solutions are evaluated using a hierarchy of controls, the best platform solution that protects the user, is affordable, and has the least impact on productivity is selected. The concept now becomes a workable design.

engineering design: phase 2

From a simple hand sketch or even pictures, our designers and engineers create a solution that is not only functional, but also structurally meets OSHA and ANSI requirements. FlexDecks engineers and designers produce conceptual design packages compliant with the latest regulations.

engineering reality: phase 3

From concept to design to reality, there is no maintenance access challenge that cannot be overcome with the resources FlexDecks can provide. We spend extra time in the engineering and design phase to make sure the solutions are not only safe, but also to ensure the product arrives on your site ready to assemble and minimize any impact on ongoing operations.

Qualified Design Resources

The following in-house staff at FlexDecks are available to assist with your next maintenance platform challenge:

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • SolidWorks Designers
  • Platform Specialists