Maintenance Stands for Military Aircraft

FlexDecks aircraft maintenance platforms provide optimal safety conditions for maintaining rotor or fixed wing aircraft across all military and commercial applications.

Maintenance platform designs range from small portable step up decks to full phase maintenance platforms.lexDecks has over 45 custom designed military aircraft maintenance stands accommodating all types of environmental situations and maintenance procedure needs. The unmatched experience of our in-house engineers in tandem with our superior fabrication capabilities allows us to produce aircraft maintenance platforms to OSHA standards that meet any tailored requirements.

Military Platform Variations

Phase Style Platforms

The phase style maintenance platform is designed to cover all areas of maintenance on fixed and rotor wing aircraft without stand replacement. Using a full phase maintenance stand reduces maintenance time by over 40%.

Deployable Stands

Aviation Maintenance Stand Deployable (AMSD) are deployment friendly maintenance stands that combine stability and mobility with height adjustment and stair capabilities.

Flight Line/Daily Stands

The flight line, independent and daily maintenance stand styles provide an OSHA compliant, simple, and deployable stand that can be towed for use indoors or outdoors. It is designed for use in smaller hangar spaces.

Modular Stands

FlexDecks Modular Maintenance Stands are easy palletized transportable stands designed to provide safe access to all aircraft types. They can be repositioned anywhere along the aircraft or land vehicle as needed.

Hydraulic Powered Platforms

The platform features the ability to adjust the platform height using a hand held controller as needed, as well as an independent lift for elevating tools and parts to the platform.