Interior Safe Access Solutions

Facility Interior & Ground Level Safe Access

There are a variety of industries that carry inherent risk for the workforce within and around the building. These including warehouses, aircraft hangers, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical facilities, breweries, distribution centers, machine shops and more. It’s essential to protect personnel while performing operations within a these industries. FlexDecks understands the safety demands of these environments and has designed and installed systems that reduce risk without compromising production and efficiency.


Crossover platforms allow personnel to safely navigate hazardous obstacles preventing injuries while providing an OSHA compliant work environment.

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Safety Gates

Self closing gates are a critical component of a safe access systems, securing the area perimeter automatically without the potential for human error.

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Safety Railing

Our railing kit systems can work on any facility surface and layout providing passive access and fall protection creating a safe work environment for your personnel.

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FlexDecks Access Platforms ensure a secure free-flowing environment to work areas where regular access is needed.

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ADA Access Ramps

FlexDecks Access Ramps are easily customized to seamlessly integrate with your facilities existing entrances and pathways.

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Maximum Productivity Without Compromising Safety

Production managers at any facility always have an eye on maximizing efficiency. The best access systems are able to provide worker safety without impacting production schedules and the normal flow of operations. FlexDecks specialists understand that it’s essential for safe access systems to ensure both safety and efficiency in order for facilities to maximize their capacity and meet production targets and deadlines.

Custom Engineering Resources

It’s sometime the case that an out-of-the box safe access solution isn’t applicable to a given facilities work environment. This can be due to poor initial planning or newly added requirements or equipment. No other company can match FlexDecks’ in-house capabilities to design, manufacture and install custom-made safe access solutions. We have decades of experience, an unrivaled manufacturing facility. Our installers who have seen it all. Whatever your facility’s safe access challenge, we’ll have the solution.

Facility Hazard Assessment

Our specialists will review your facility’s unique configuration and daily production needs along with non-routine maintenance requirements to produce access solutions that address the unique areas of risk and safety concerns of your building’s work environment.  Based on our review, we’ll recommend access systems and procedures that adhere to current safety regulations protecting both you and your employees.

An Expert Is Ready To Help

The solutions to your unique facility access requirements are only a click away. When you need safe access solutions that provide stability, flexibility and safety that meets the highest OSHA and Military standards, turn to FlexDecks. We’re ready to help.

Safe Access System Features


Our range of modular components allows us to efficiently design and produce complex facility safe access systems.


We start with a hot dipped galvanized finish on our carbon steel products and most of our solutions are also available in aluminum and stainless for added durability.

All Weather

Quality components are used to withstand even the worst environmental conditions while maintaining safe work conditions.


Should your facility configuration or requirements change, FlexDecks systems can be adjusted or expanded as needed.


Our systems adapted for use in virtually any facility environment providing longterm safety for your personnel.

Custom Solutions

Our safe access systems are designed to your unique safety needs, and we offer unmatched custom engineering expertise when needed.

Custom Solutions

FlexDecks regularly engineers platform systems to suit specific site requirements and applications. Custom configurations can range from added steps to revamping entire maintenance systems. Our experienced engineers and fabricators are able to do as little or as much as needed to meet your exact requirements.

OSHA Compliant

Navigating the various safety guidelines required by OSHA for the interior operations of your specific industry and facility  can be complex. Allowing personnel to operate without the required safety measures in place creates the potential for liability risk, insurance issues, compliance fines, and worst of all, employee injuries. If you are concerned about your facility’s safety compliance, our team is ready to step in to consult, inform and provide OSHA compliant safe access solutions.