Custom Work Platforms

Unique Safe Platforms for Commercial Maintenance

Our engineers and fabrication facility have the capability to design and produce custom stands that meet any workspace access requirement. All work platforms are built to your unique safety needs. Our priority is to facility access to working zones while maximizing safety and efficiency.

Industry Leading Expertise

Developing custom platform solutions requires an experienced, talented team of engineers, designers, fabricators, and installation technicians. Unlike other providers who offer stands as a one-off to a menu of other services, FlexDecks’ sole purpose is the development of site-specific maintenance stand solutions for even the most challenging access platform requirement. If you have a unique platform stand application, contact our specialists. Our in-house capabilities and willingness to innovate are what set us apart.

An Expert Is Ready To Help

The solution to your unique platform access requirement is only a click away. When you need deck solutions that provide stability, flexibility and safety that meets the highest OSHA and Military standards, turn to FlexDecks. We’re ready to help.

Custom Maintenance Stand Advantages


The right custom platform solution requires an evaluation of site specific operations and needs.


Our team of engineers and field technicians produce platform designs in accordance with ANSI and OSHA requirements.


Our  installation technicians arrive onsite with the tools and experience to install your platform safely and efficiently.


FlexDecks offers unmatched industry expertise in access platform development


FlexDecks Steel Catwalk Systems are built for longevity and stability.


Should your platform system requirements change, it can be adjusted or expanded as needed.

FlexDecks regularly engineers platform systems to suit specific site requirements and applications. Custom configurations can range from added steps to revamping entire maintenance systems. Our experienced engineers and fabricators are able to do as little or as much as needed to meet your exact requirements.

OSHA Compliant

Our Custom Platform Stands are built to meet and exceed OSHA compliance, our equipment access platforms are third-party tested to provide peace of mind that workers, reputation, and financial are protected.