Rooftop Crossover Platforms

Avoid Hazardous Obstacles

Performance maintenance can be inherently hazardous, especially when the work is done on rooftops. When workers have to negotiate obstacles such as pipes and air ducts, the risk of injury is real. FlexDecks crossovers allow personnel to safely navigate hazardous obstacles preventing injuries while providing an OSHA compliant work environment.

Designed for Maximum Flexibility

FlexDecks crossover platforms are easily customized to seamlessly integrate with other safety access systems such as walkways and hatch kits, providing you with a single solution when needed, or an essential component of a complete rsafety system. Should your rooftop configuration ever change, our modular crossovers can be adjusted even after installation to meet your new requirements.

Crossovers For Any Surface

Our crossover systems are non-penetrating and approved for any rooftop surface. Regardless of wether your facility features a corrugated steel rooftop, a tar and gravel membrane roofing system, or anything in-between, a Flexdecks Crossover System will allow your workers to safely traverse where needed avoiding dangerous obstacles.

Crossovers For Any Configuration

The FlexDecks Crossover is designed to accommodate all manner of surface variations, slopes and transitions. Wherever workers need a step-over system, the crossover can be engineered to facilitate any level and height requirement.

Navigate Roof or Ground Obstacles

Wherever obstacles occur in, or on top of your facility, a FlexDecks crossover platform can be engineered to eliminate the hazard, allowing personnel to safely deploy to where they’re needed.

An Expert Is Ready To Help

The solution to your unique facility safe access requirement is only a click away. When you need access solutions that provide stability, flexibility and safety that meets the highest OSHA and Military standards, turn to FlexDecks. We’re ready to help.

Crossover Features


Crossovers are made from aluminium or galvanized steel for durability, corrosion resistance and strength.

Non-Slip Tread

High-grade textured nylon tread provides extra grip for a slip resistant surface in all weather conditions


The modular design of the crossover facilitates easy configuration, assembly, adjustments, and if needed, disassembly.


The Crossover’s modular design can can adapt to unexpected challenges during installation, avoiding costly delays.


Crossovers can be customized to accommodate level changes, offset surfaces, or any  other obstacle preventing safe access.

No Welding

Tubular fittings and standard modules means no welding is needed, eliminating associated time delays, hazards and expense.


FlexDecks modular rooftop crossovers go from design to implementation at nearly twice the speed of welded platforms.

Delivered to Order

Crossovers can be delivered unassembled or semi-assembled, for savings on shipping, or fully assembled at your request.

Easy Assembly

Crossovers can be easily assembled on location by maintenance personnel.  Specialized labor is not required.

Any Surface, Anywhere

Suitable for membrane, asphalt, concrete and PVC roofs. Can also be used in warehouses, factories and other industrial plants

Kit Availability

Crossover sections are available in kits that allow you to quickly and cost effectively implement a system that meets your specifications.

Custom Solutions

FlexDecks regularly engineers access systems to suit specific site requirements and applications. Custom configurations can range from added steps to revamping entire facility access systems. FlexDecks’ experienced engineers and fabricators are able to do as little or as much as needed to meet your exact requirements.

OSHA Compliant

FlexDecks crossovers are sturdy, durable and OSHA compliant. When your workers access hazardous areas via our crossovers, you can be assured they are doing so safely and your company is protected.