Modular Rooftop Walkways

Compliant Rooftop Access Safety

Providing safe access to points on rooftops can be a challenge due to the roof surface, as well as the layout or slope of a roof. FlexDecks Walkways provide an OSHA compliant, secure, level path for personnel who require rooftop access. These anti-slip walkways help reduce slips and falls on slippery membrane and standing seam rooftops, protecting both your workers and your rooftop.

Part of A Complete Rooftop Safety System

FlexDecks Walkways modular design easily integrates with our range of platforms, and crossovers to form a complete safe access solution for your rooftop. It’s engineered to protect the roof surface from unnecessary damage and can also be used with guardrails or lifeline systems.

Protect Your Workers, And Your Rooftop

Not only do FlexDecks Walkways protect those accessing the roof, but it also protects the rooftop itself. First, by providing clearly defined access paths, FlexDecks Walkways eliminate foot traffic that can damage the roof over time. Second, by providing a variety of mounting methods to accommodate any metal or membrane surface, our walkways can service the rooftop for decades without damaging the surface.

Walkways For Any Rooftop Configuration

FlexDecks Walkways are designed to fit several roof configurations including flat, rounded, sloping, or barrel shaped rooftops. Our walkway systems also utilize stair sections for a safe ascent on steeper slopes, creating access options for virtually any roof configuration.

Integrated Guardrail For Extra Security

FlexDecks Walkways have the option of an integrated railing to completely protect your workers as they traverse your roof. Our OSHA compliant guardrail provides additional protection against slips as well as from roof edges and other hazards. A walkway with guardrail provides the highest level of fall prevention for your personnel when accessing the roof of your facility.

An Expert Is Ready To Help

The solution to your unique facility safe access requirement is only a click away. When you need access solutions that provide stability, flexibility and safety that meets the highest OSHA and Military standards, turn to FlexDecks. We’re ready to help.

Walkway Features


FlexDecks Walkways feature glass reinforced Nylon Treads designed for UV stability to withstand rooftop exposure to intense sunlight.

NonSlip Access

Anti-slip treads combined with our corrosion-resistant guardrail creates a durable, safe access solution in any environment.


The Walkway system is modular made up standard pre-fabricated components that are are easy to combine and configure for any rooftop environment.


Rooftop walkways are engineered for use on any slope up to 35° and on all major roof types including membrane, metal profile and standing seam roofs.

No Welding

Tubular guardrail fittings and standard modules means no welding is needed, eliminating associated time delays, hazards and expense.


FlexDecks Walkways can be easily assembled and quickly installed on location. Guardrails  can be included in a fraction of the time of roof mounted systems.


Designed to integrate with our full line of safe access solutions as part of a complete rooftop safety system.

Custom Solutions

FlexDecks regularly engineers access systems to suit specific site requirements and applications. Custom configurations can range from added steps to revamping entire facility access systems. FlexDecks’ experienced engineers and fabricators are able to do as little or as much as needed to meet your exact requirements.

OSHA Compliant

Rooftop Walkways with guardrail are OSHA 1910.28(b)(13) compliant. When your workers access hazardous areas via our walkways, you can be assured they are doing so safely and your company is protected.