Safety Gates

Self Closing Safety Gates

FlexDecks has a complete line of self closing safety gates that provide protection while accessing exterior, interior and rooftop applications. These spring-loaded gates automatically close behind the user without having to reset a bar or chain eliminating the potential for human error. It is an ideal OSHA compliant solution for any openings, ladders, stairs, hatches and controlled areas. The gate can be easily applied to virtually any system where protected access is needed.

Fully Adjustable Gate By Design

Single FlexDecks Safety Gates adjust to standard width openings from 30” to 39”. Additionally, the gates are engineered with U-bolt clamps which allow seamless mounting to any flat, square or tubular stringer or post from 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. No other industrial grade self closing gate is as flexible in application.

Double Gate for Wider Openings

For wider openings up to 6 feet, two gates can be used in combination for a self closing double gate. This is due to the stopping mechanism which restricts the gate to opening in a single direction so it will reset securely after use. The adjustable nature of FlexDecks double gates allows the gates to align and meet perfectly.

Part of A Complete Safety System

FlexDecks Safety Gates are designed to integrate with any safety system in areas where restricted access is needed. Our gates have been thoroughly tested for durability in order to accommodate any environmental condition, so they can confidently be used in the harshest work environments while maintaining OSHA compliance.


The solution to your unique facility safe access requirement is only a click away. When you need access solutions that provide stability, flexibility and safety that meets the highest OSHA and Military standards, turn to FlexDecks. We’re ready to help.

Self Closing Gate Features


Components made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel for durability and strength.


Comes pre-cut in nine standard sizes, to fit openings between 18 and 48 inches with optional yellow powder coating.


Can be used inside or outside and is easily attach to virtually any structure using the supplied U-bolts.

No Welding

Tubular guardrail fittings and standard modules means no welding is needed, eliminating associated time delays, hazards and expense.


Installing self-closing safety gates on existing systems is a simple process requiring standard contractor tools.


Gates are spring loaded to automatically close after use maintaining a safe space and eliminating human error.


Designed to mount seamlessly with our full line of safe access solutions as part of a complete safety system.

Custom Solutions

FlexDecks regularly engineers access systems to suit specific site requirements and applications. Custom configurations can range from added steps to revamping entire facility access systems. FlexDecks’ experienced engineers and fabricators are able to do as little or as much as needed to meet your exact requirements.

OSHA Compliant

Self Closing Gates are 1910.28(b)(3)(iv) Compliant. The standard reads that each employee is protected from falling into a ladderway floor hole or ladderway platform hole by a guardrail system and toeboards erected on all exposed sides, except at the entrance to the hole, where a self-closing gate or an offset must be used.