F-15/F-22 Hydraulic Powered Platform

F-15/F-22 Hydraulic Powered Platform

Unprecedented Utility, Full Fall Protection And Enhanced Worker Safety

The F-15/F-22 Hydraulic Powered Maintenance Platform was designed to the specifications of United States Air force F-15 and F-22 engineers and service technicians. The platform features the ability to adjust the platform height using a hand held controller as needed, as well as an independent lift for elevating tools and parts to the platform. The F-15/F-22 Hydraulic Powered Platform offers unprecedented utility, full fall protection and enhanced worker safety without obstructing the maintenance process.

Hydraulic Powered Platform Features

  • Platform can be adjusted to any height between 5 and 9 feet
  • Allows one person to safely load, raise and lower up to 2,000 pounds of cargo
  • Engineered to be easily towed into position. Platform can also be moved by hand
  • Upper and lower level grounding clamps
  • Articulating staircase retains level handrails and steps at any platform height
  • Easy access hand cranks raise and lower platform and lift when power isn’t available
  • Personnel can load cargo, elevate platform to desired height, and raise the cargo to the platform
  • Hard mounted electrical and air line connections conveniently located on main deck sections
  • Constructed from load tested, high strength, aluminum

OSHA Compliant Platforms

Powered maintenance platforms are constructed from lightweight, high-strength aluminum and self-draining, anti-slip and anti-bounce safety tread. FlexDecks’ patented safety tread is used on both the decks and stair treads. The tread is OSHA compliant, omni-directional, and self-correcting.

F-15/F-22 Hydraulic Powered Platform Features

Swing Open Gate
The cargo lift access gate provides safety railing when the cargo lift is lowered and quick access to the cargo lift from the platform at any height.

Hand Cranks
Easy access hand cranks are positioned so a single user can raise and lower the platform and cargo lift independently when power isn’t available.

Tow Bar
Conveniently located tow bar flips down for use and stows away when platform is in operation. Tow bar works with any standard military pintle hook.

Electrical & Air
Hard mounted electrical outlets and air line connections are conveniently located on the main deck sections of the platform.

Anti-Static Discharge Plate
An anti-static discharge plate is located at the staircase entry to the raised platform work area allowing workers to easily access and use.

Grounding Clamps
Grounding clamps with 15 foot retractable extension cables are located on both the upper platform and underneath the platform at ground level.

F-15/F-22 Hydraulic Powered Platform Cargo Lift and Platform Controller