Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

Fall Safety Systems For Aircraft Maintenance

FlexDecks aircraft maintenance platforms provide optimal safety conditions for maintaining rotor or fixed wing aircraft across all military and commercial applications. Maintenance platform designs range from small portable step up decks to full phase maintenance platforms.

Quality Systems For Aircraft Fall Arrest

Each maintenance platform is inspected to American Welding Society standards and issued a complete finite element analysis to confirm load ratings for light, medium and heavy duty.

Our platforms are constructed from light weight, high-strength aluminum and self-draining, anti-slip, anti-bounce safety tread. FlexDecks aircraft maintenance platform safety tread is patented and used on both the decks and stair treads. It is the true OSHA compliant tread and is omni-directional and self-correcting.

FlexDecks engineers know the minute details of every maintenance platform design and maintain consistency in design and function throughout the product line. All hardware used is consistent across platform lines and model types for simple part replacement when necessary. Consistency in design also allows aircraft technicians to easily retrain on new equipment.

Custom Designed Maintenance Stands

FlexDecks has over 45 custom designed aircraft maintenance stands accommodating all types of environmental situations and maintenance procedure needs. The unmatched experience of our in-house engineers in tandem with our superior fabrication capabilities allows us to produce aircraft maintenance platforms to OSHA standards that meet any tailored requirements.

Aviation Work Stand Features

  • Fully welded, high strength, lightweight structural aluminum construction
  • Platforms designed for easy maneuverability and can be separated for storage
  • Each deck equipped with multiple sliding and self-locking floor panels (sliders) for a contoured fit to the aircraft
  • Extension handrails to cover area where floor panels (sliders) are extended
  • Sliders/deck extenders contain rubber bumpers to protect skin of aircraft and conform to area to cover gap areas
  • Central jacking system with 24” adjustability (+12”/-12”)
  • 6” casters with swivel capabilities, index/position lock and a brake independent of swivel lock
  • All deck hand railings and stair access railings meet and exceed OSHA standards for safety
  • True anti-slip, anti-bounce tread that allows for self-drainage of spilt fluids
  • Omni-directional tread plate
  • Hard-mounted electrical and air line connections
  • Electrical system incorporates EMERGENCY SHUT-OFF switch, GFI (ground fault interrupter) and all UL approved components
  • Self–leveling stairs for same step consistency at any heights
  • Engineered cross bracing on all support legs for added safety and stability
  • Swing gate on top of staircase to prevent falls occurring
  • Safety yellow powder coated handrails
  • When requested, adjustable handrails lower for blade rotation or other obstructions
  • Most cost and time efficient features of any maintenance platforms on the market today