How Fixed Work Platforms Can Increase Productivity and Efficiency

How Fixed Work Platforms Can Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Industrial settings, like factories, warehouses, and construction sites, often require indefinite access to at-height structures and areas. Using portable or moving access platforms in such settings may not be safe enough. This is where fixed work platforms can help.

Types of Fixed Work Platforms

Fixed Work Platform
Fixed Ladders & Stairways

Fixed ladders provide access to at-height areas like rooftops, mezzanine floors, and other elevated work platforms. Typically made of steel or aluminum, they are designed to meet specific safety requirements.

Like fixed ladders, permanent stairways also provide safe access to elevated areas. They are generally made of steel, aluminum, or other durable materials and are designed with guardrails, handrails, and non-slip treads to meet specific safety requirements.

Elevated Work Platforms

Industrial facilities often have structures, equipment, and machinery reaching elevated heights. Workers may need permanent access to operate or maintain them. This is where elevated work platforms come into the picture!

Elevated platforms are fixed, stable surfaces designed in various sizes and shapes that allow employees to work at a height safely. They are customized to fit the specific requirements of an industrial site and can be accessed by attached stairs, ladders, or other means.

Access Bridges/ Elevated Walkways

These fixed elevated paths provide safe and secure access between buildings or industrial facilities. They are often used to provide a safe walking surface over hazards like open pits, machinery, conveyors, etc.


Catwalks are narrow elevated walkways that provide access to hard-to-reach equipment or areas. They are suitable for use in manufacturing or processing facilities to access piping, electrical systems, or other equipment.

Overall, the type of permanent or fixed work platforms used at your facility will depend on the specific requirements of your work environment and the type of work being performed. It is crucial to ensure that these platforms are installed and maintained in compliance with OSHA safety regulations and standards.

7 Ways Fixed Working & Access Platforms Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Fixed Work Platform

Improved Access

Fixed work platforms provide workers with safe and stable access to elevated, hard-to-reach areas and structures. They allow the workers to easily operate or perform maintenance and repair tasks at heights. Accessing and completing tasks at such heights would be difficult, unsafe, or time-consuming without fixed work platforms.


Fixed work platforms reduce the time and effort required to set up temporary platforms or scaffolding during construction, maintenance, repair, or other processes. Instead of repeatedly climbing up and down ladders or waiting for lifts to access different levels, workers can use these platforms to move between levels quickly.

Reduced Fatigue

Fixed work platforms are designed to provide comfortable, ergonomic working conditions, allowing workers to work more efficiently. To be precise, they reduce the physical strain and fatigue that comes with working on unstable or uncomfortable surfaces.

Increased Safety

Fixed work platforms are more stable than traditional or portable access platforms. Plus, they are designed with high- guardrails, toe-boards, and other safety features that further reduce the risk of accidents and injuries for workers working at elevated heights.

Built with high-strength material to support the weight of workers and their equipment, these platforms can increase workers’ confidence and reduce the likelihood of delays or disruptions due to safety issues.

Enhanced Collaboration

Fixed work platforms enable multiple workers to work together on a task. This enhances collaboration between workers, allowing them to complete tasks faster with increased efficiency. For instance, if one worker can hold a heavy object in place, another can attach it to a structure.

Improved Quality

Since fixed work platforms provide workers with a more stable and secure surface to work on, they are less likely to get disturbed by the need to maintain their balance or stability. The increased stability and safety allows workers to focus on their work and complete it faster, reducing the chances of errors and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Cost-Effective Method

Fixed work platforms are only a one-time investment. Once purchased, they provide numerous benefits like increased speed and efficiency. Such platforms require less staff to operate and mitigate the risk of accidents, thereby reducing the expenses of the business. They are very convenient and safe to use.

Considerations When Getting Fixed Work Platforms Designed & Installed

Fixed Work Platform

Are you seeking to install fixed work platforms at your facility? Here are some important factors you must consider.

Access Requirements

Consider the heights and locations at which fixed platforms are required at your facility. Ensure that all fixed platforms are located conveniently and safely accessible through stairs, ramps, or other means.

Aesthetics of the Premises

Make sure the finishes like paint, hot dip galvanized, and other anti-corrosive coatings match your fixed work and access platforms to the existing look of your facility.


Durability of such platforms is crucial to ensure the safety of workers at your premises. Ensure that the materials used to build the platforms, like steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, are suitable according to the specific conditions of your facility. You must choose the material and coating carefully if these work platforms are exposed to elements, like corrosive chemical exposure or extra heavy loads.

Integrated Safety Measures

Fixed work platforms often have attached safety measures, like Guardrails, locking mechanisms, handrails, and serrated edges. You must determine what safety measures are required at your facility to ensure complete safety for your workers in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Do You Need a Reliable Fixed Access Platforms Provider?

Fixed Work Platform

FlexDecks Fixed Access Platforms can fulfill the exact requirements of your specific application. They are flexible, durable, and built to fully comply with OSHA safety standards. You can design and install them to protect your workers from slipping and falling when working at height. FlexDecks can also easily re-engineer the existing platform to meet new requirements and fit a different function.